Yesterday my PR people were contacted by the News of the World. They said they had been provided with a recording of a telephone conversation between my ex-husband and me about Princess and her burn. It would seem clear where that tape came from.

I don’t want to say any more about Princess’s burn, or the News of the World’s claim that it is a ‘bad’ burn. Shamefully someone has contacted the police about this and I have co-operated fully and provided evidence of just how minor this incident really was. That will show how much nonsense has been said about it. I notice that the News of The World journalist Dan Wootton has tweeted this morning that he has seen a photograph of Princess’s burn and I again wonder where he got that from. I won’t respond to what he has said about the picture until the police have finished their investigation.

I am deeply saddened that it would appear my ex-husband would deliberately choose to ring me and make a fuss about a minor injury to Princess and allow it to be filmed and recorded for his TV show. This appears to reveal his true motivation. Now a recording of that conversation has been provided to the press. I am not sure how this is meant to help the children, or is putting them first.

I became aware during that conversation that I was being recorded which, given the circumstances, upset me as it was clear that the intention was again to use the incident with Princess to portray me as a bad mother while providing footage for his TV show. I admit I reacted angrily to that, but of course I do not really wish my ex-husband any physical harm despite the lengths he would appear willing to go to in order to make me look bad.

I do feel it’s time he stopped constantly slagging me off and consider how that might impact on our children and put them first. If I ran to the press every time Princess came home with a split lip or Junior a rash I am sure I could portray myself as sympathetic but I am sure my ex-husband would quite rightly feel that was being very unfair. I do not, I accept that children have minor accidents as they grow up and that is not something to try to point score about – I wish my ex-husband would do the same.

I again repeat my request that my ex-husband joins me in withdrawing Junior and Princess from the public eye and that incidents like that above are not used cynically in the manner they have been.